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Custom Solutions
At Foxtail Hill, we provide custom solutions which means that we manufacture the wood windows and doors in our state of the art workshop to fit your exact size opening. In this way we differentiate ourselves from the majority of our competitors, most of whom are re-sellers – selling off-the-shelf products from the large national window manufacturers.
We offer many types of windows - single, double or triple hung with weight and pulley operation, casement, awning, in swing, out swing, tilt & turn, pivot and any shape - fixed, arched, circle or ellipse, including bent and curved glass and dual panel low-E windows. We work with all species of wood. Primarily, we use Vertical Grain Douglas Fir but will use any wood type you prefer.

Free Evaluation
We begin with a free on-site evaluation. Vince himeself or one of his experienced estimators will visit your home and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your requirements. We will take precise measurements and also inspect the area for any water damage. Within a day or two you will receive a detailed written estimate. Upon acceptance of the estimate, we will schedule the job.

We typically perform the following tasks:

Prepare the work area – drop cloth, etc. Install the new window making sure it is plumb and square
Remove the old window or door Insulate and seal the window or door
Inspect for rot or damage Apply all trim
Prepare and clean the opening Clean and wash area
    Dispose of the old window and door

Upon completion, a thorough cleanup and walk-through are conducted.

We also perform window repairs. For double-hung windows, this may mean the replacement of ropes and pulleys. Whether painted shut, requiring reweighting or simply not moving freely, we can help.

So if you are searching for a window replacement contractor in the San Francisco area, take a quick peek at our testimonials and then contact us for a free evaluation and estimate.

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