Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend wood-frame windows?
Wood-frame windows may not have the market dominance like vinyl-frame windows have, but they are still considered the “best” by many professional contractors and homeowners. The main reason is that wood is a strong, beautiful material that is unlike any other material available on the market today.

Appearance is also important. The natural look of wood gives any home a warm feeling. With so many decorative options available, wood windows enhance the overall decor of any home. Wood Frame windows are also energy efficient. Wood is a natural insulator as opposed to metals that are natural heat conductors. In fact, wood is 1800 more effective as an insulator than aluminum. Wood windows produce higher R-values, are unaffected by temperature extremes, and are less prone to condensation. Another advantage of wood is that it is a renewable resource. The processing of wood requires less energy and results in far less pollutants.

What type of wood is used in the construction of your windows and doors?
All windows are made out of Vertical Grain Douglas Fir. Why Fir, when others offer pine? Douglas Fir, the hardest of the softwoods, provides strength, durability and beauty. Its natural resistance to decay, superior fastener retention and exceptional milling characteristics make it the perfect choice for window construction.
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